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Welcome to The Tyre Equipment Company!

We are a long established specialist supplier of Tyre Service Parts and Equipment.

We serve the commercial end of the market including haulage and transportation companies, coach and public transport, agricultural, plant and mining sectors - not to mention tyre fitters and other service companies based around these activities.

The Tyre Equipment Company is a small business dedicated to supplying old fashioned service to customers throughout the UK. We have been operating since 1991 and the owner/directors have more than 70 years combined experience in the industry.

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Best Selling Items:

BAG (100) CHECKPOINT Loose Wheel Nut Indicators


Checkpoint® is a loose wheel nut indicator that is used extensively by the transport industry as an enhancement and development of fleet safety roadworthiness procedures, daily walk-round inspection and defect reporting and scheduled maintenance requirements. Its use allows accurate monitoring for loose wheel nuts and helps prevent wheel hub damage or the loss of a road wheel should a wheel nut loosen.

Available in Colours Yellow or Red

Special offer of only £19.00 per 100
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Schrader Tank Valve 25mm long 1/8" BSPM : 14039

4.10 (9 or fewer items) 3.90 (10 to 49 items) 3.50 (50 or more items)

Schrader industrial valve 25mm long; 1/8"BSPM taper x standard tyre valve thread. Fitted with standard tyre valve core and metal cap (cap type might vary to photo).
Operating pressure 0 - 14 bars
For use with air / nitrogen.
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Pack (20) tyre regrooving / cutting blades - W series

7.25 (4 or fewer items) 6.25 (5 or more items)

W series (flat bottomed blade) tyre regrooving blades. Rillfit W series, PSO C series manufacture. Choose size in cutting width required from drop down menu. ; low figure is lower cutting width and high figure is upper cutting width.
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UT8419 1" drive Air Impact Wrench: 2440 Nm


A high power, moderately priced, 1" air impact wrench with maximum 2440 Nm torque. Pinless single hammer mechanism for improved reliability and maximum output. Adjustable torque control. Forward and reverse control valve. 8" anvil for easy access to wheel nuts.

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Tin (235ml) Schrader JADE Vulcanizing Fluid - Heavy Duty


Blue vulcanizing cement for use with SR tyre patches, PRP plug repair patches, and Universal tyre patches
Always refer to the manufacturers instructions and local regulations.
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Bag (10) CHECKPOINT Loose Wheel Nut Indicators


Checkpoint® is a loose wheel nut indicator that is used extensively by the transport industry as an enhancement and development of fleet safety roadworthiness procedures, daily walk-round inspection and defect reporting and scheduled maintenance requirements. Its use allows accurate monitoring for loose wheel nuts and helps prevent wheel hub damage or the loss of a road wheel should a wheel nut loosen.

Available in Colours Yellow or Red
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Tin (235ml) Schrader QUARTZ Vulcanizing Fluid


Vulcanizing solution for use with tube repair patches. Supplied with an applicator brush.
Always refer to the manufacturers instructions and local regulations.
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Clip on Genuine Schrader Euro Tyre Valve Connector (Chuck) 6mm : R0985


A Genuine Schrader single clip on connector for standard bore (car, truck, bus, etc) tyre valves.
Open connection for use with all types of tyre inflation gauge, or foot pump.

6mm hose stem diameter
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Gaither SUPER SLICK 'EM Tyre Lubricant for Truck, Bus & Farm Tyres

18.70 (3 or fewer items) 15.80 (4 or more items)

3.8 LITRES Gaither SUPER SLICK 'EM tyre lubricant for mounting and demounting tubeless truck & bus tyres. For demounting SSE should always be applied to the tyre bead BEFORE the tyre is deflated. The lubricant will penetrate between the rim and the tyre while the air is releasing and aid in breaking the bead. When mounting SSE ensures perfect seating for a balanced assembly. SSE is a non water based lubricant and will not freeze or cause rust to form.
Always use Super Slick'Em with all Gaither tyre changing tools and with the Bead Vice bead breaker.
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New Products

Bag ( 50 ) Wheel Nut Cover Reflector Indicator



Reflector Indicator

The reflector indicator is aiming for more safety in traffic, specifically for the traffic in the blind spot area of busses and trucks.

The reflector is part of the cover which also functiions as a wheel nut loosening indicator

Retro-reflection material is used on the the top of the cap to reflect the light towards other road users

When the steering axle wheels of the vehicle start to turn, the light from the cover reflects and then allows other road users to act quickly.

Available in nut size 32mm and 33mm
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Box ( 50 ) Brown " String " Inserts 4" long x 6mm approx : VRI-412


Tyre Repair String / Plugs

4" / 100mm Long - Box of 50

This type of repair is classified as an emergency repair and the tyre should be demounted and inspected on the inside as soon as possible, and a permanent repair made if applicable.

Always refer to the manufacturers instructions and local regulations.

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Winntec 3 Ton Trolley Jack Y420330 - Premium Quality


Premium Quality Jack

The Winntec Y420330 jack has been specially manufactured and configured for car dealers and all types of workshops and incorporates noise reducing PU wheels, a rubber saddle grip and the turbo lifter pump system. A special release valve allows the convenience of controlled lowering of heavy loads. Both the ram and pistons are chrome plated for a professional finish.


- 3 years warranty (on the hydraulic Power Unit)

- 3 Ton capacity

- Min.H.: 120 mm / Max.H.: 450 mm

- PU wheels minimizing noise

- Professional universal joint release valve ensures precise lowering

- Turbo Lifter (fast to the load, fast with the load)

- Rubber saddle and rubber grip

- Weight 32kg

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Winntec Wheel Dolly Y471105HD


• Easy installation and removal of truck tyre/wheel assemblies
• One person control
• Heavy-duty industrial bearings
• 3 positions for rollers depending on tyre size
• Great tool for every service truck
• Avoid damage to wheel bolts and expensive modern rims
• For all wheels from 6.5" 24.5", including super singles
• New longer rollers make it even easier to handle super single
• Net Weight 15kg
• Capacity 220kg

How The Wheel Dolly Works
To remove from vehicle:

1. After the vehicle is positioned on jack stands and the lug nuts
are removed, slide the Tyre Dolly under the tyre so that the
rollers come into contact

2. Apply downward force on the handle to raise the tyre/wheel
assembly, and pull away from the vehicle

To place onto vehicle:

1. Lift tyre/wheel assembly with Tyre Dolly and roll toward vehicle
2. Raise tyre/wheel assembly
3. Remove Tyre Dolly and slide tyre/wheel assembly onto hub

Use with Gaither GTO 01TB O Liner tool to make lining up the wheel studs easier.

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Gaither Bead Seating Tool 38 litre


Gaither NEW Bead Seater 38 Litre

The most effective way to seat beads on large tractor and heavy equipment tyres.

This 38 litre version features the new jet barrel and two inch valve ensuring a massive amount of power.

Fully CE & ASME certified

• Automatic Rapid Air Release System makes it the most powerful inflation product in the market
• 38L (10 gallon) tank provides enough volume to handle large OTR and Agricultural tyres with ease
• Lightweight Aluminum tank (11.5kg) reduces stress on technician and allows for easy maneuvering around large tyres
• 2 Inch ( 50mm) exhaust valve allows for optimal air flow from tank and increased efficiency
• Patented 2 Inch Jet Assisted Barrel creates a natural effect that draws 2x the amount of surrounding air into the tire chamber when fired
• Fully ASME, CE, TUV, & CRN certified
• Patent-pending design, patent-pending Automatic Rapid Air Release System and registered Trademark

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Aircat 1/2" Impact Wrench AC1450


Features of the Aircat AC 1450

Refined Design twin hammer increases blow frequency and blow efficiency

800 ft-lb / 1085 ( NM) Max. Torque

Very fast torque developement

9,000 RPM Free speed provides fast run-down

Ergonomically designed grip provides maximum operating comfort

Six position power management switch in back cap provides ultimate control

Great Balance & handling comfort

Brushed aluminium housing finish

Special Introductory offer of only £95.00 plus VAT

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Omega 3 Ton Trolley Jack - 2 Year Warranty - T3000


Omega T3000 Heavy duty 3 ton trolley jack.

Comes with 24 month warranty

- Heavy duty, universal joint, twin piston professional jack.

- Single piece hydraulic unit with heavy base design including twin piston system for faster free lift facility.

- Integral universal joint release mechanism to give precise control.

- Rubber saddle pad to protect the vehicle when lifting.

- Wide front wheel and casters for stability and easy movement.

- 3 Tonne maximum lift capacity

- Minimum entry height 133mm

- Maximum lifting height 465mm

- Product size (L x W x H): 685x342x158mm

- Weight 30.5 kg

Special offer of only £ 83.00 plus VAT

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Myers Tyre & Tube Mounting Compound - 11kg


Myers Tyre and Tube Mounting Compound is designed to assist in mounting rubber tyes and tubes on all types of wheels. It is fortified with rust inhibitors to provide protection against corrosion of the wheels.

Good for Earthmover / OTR tyres, truck and passenger

Thick vegetable based, jelly-like lubricant. Use in its concentrated form or dilute in water (4 parts water, 1 part lube).

•Environmentally friendly
•Non-toxic, biodegradable
•Totally safe for all tires
•Made from natural, renewable resources
•Economical when diluted
•No petroleum oils of any kind

Multiple Uses


•Pack beads better than any other product due to its excellent adhesion, ultra thick consistency and the fact that it doesn't separate.
•Hard-to-mount tires go on easily when you use as it is.


Add to water (1 part lube and 3-4 parts water), mix slowly or let it sit overnight to have a superior, environmentally friendly and economical tyre mounting liquid lube.

Excellent for general purpose tyre mounting and de-mounting applications

Comes with an applicator mop inside the bucket

Weight 11.34kg

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Aircat 1/2" Impact Wrench - Massive High Loosening Torque - 1,756 NM / 1,295 Ft-lbs


The Tyre Equipment Company are proud to introduce the Aircat 1150 Twin Hammer High Torque 1/2" impact wrench

The sheer power and performance of 1756 NM or 1,295 foot-pounds (ft-lb) of loosening torque and 1,400 Blows Per Minute makes this one of the strongest hard hitting Twin Hammer ½ Impact Wrench on the market. A light weight all-black composite body with a patented ergonomic AIRCAT handle

Top Quality impact wrench suitable for high torque applications

The Aircat line represents the most significant advances of performance of pneumatic power tools in nearly 30 years

Founded in 1998 the Aircat range has substantianally reduced level of noise while retaining more power and torque.

Aircat incorates a patented ergnomically engineered handle design to relieve stress and fatigue on the operators hand wrist and arms.

Aircat has the patented tuned exhasut muffler technology in all tools, which allows discharged air to pass without developing back pressure, thus retaining more power, while significantly reducing noise.

Hard hitting twin hammer mechanism

Working Torque 200 - 900 Ft-lbs

Durable Composite housing

Ergonomically Designed Handle

Easy operation flip lever forward and reverse

Quiet Tuned Exhaust ( 86 Decibels )

Speed 9,000 rpm - 14,400 impacts per Min,

Weight - 2kg

Special Introductory offer of only £ 189.99

Aircat - Power & Performace

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Gaither Special Valve Core Removal tool - Ref. GT10-6

4.50 (3 or fewer items) 3.75 (4 or more items)

New from Gaither

Gaithers new valve core removal tool will remove the core from the valve in a fast and efficiant manner without
droping the core. Just push the removal tool in to the valve and the core will hold in to the tool so as you will not loose it.

Fits standard bore tyre valves - car, motorcycle, truck, bus, tractor.

Can be ordered individually
or in a pack of 4

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Gaither Tyre Lever GT10-5


Gaither Tyre Lever GT10-5 , 50cm long with rubber protectors
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Gaither Bead BAZOOKA 6 litre: BB06L


Gaither's revolutionary Bead BAZOOKA combines the unique rapid air release technology and easiest-to-handle tank for seating tubeless tire beads. Simply fill the tank, aim the redesigned Double Barrel, and FIRE!!
The instantaneous blast of air from the 6 litre tank will work on truck (including super singles), passenger, motorcycle, ATV and small AG tyres.
Some of its features:
Most powerful automatic release system available in any bead-seating device
Smaller tank allows for easier handling
Light weight (5,5 kg) reduces stress on the technician
Push-button trigger allows technician to keep both hands on the tank for more control, making it safer than manual release tanks
"Slotted" Double Barrel directs the air for best overall lift
Fully CE & ASME certified
Patent-pending design, patent-pending RAR system and registered trademark

Item 1 on above picture

Special offer of only £190.00 while stock lasts
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300 gram bag EasyBalance


Easybalance is an absorbent wheel balancing powder that you put inside truck or bus tyres. Its ability to redistribute itself when the vehicle is moving maintains optimum balance of the tyre and rim at all times throughout the life of the tyre.
Fit one side of the tyre onto the rim. Place the unopened bag of the required size of Easybalance in the tyre; the bag disintegrates and it's contents disperse in the tyre as the tyre rotates. See the tyre size usage chart for the correct amount. Fit the other side of the tyre to the rim. Inflate the tyre to the recommended pressure. The wheel is ready to be fitted to a vehicle or to be put into storage for future use. Do not use Easybalance when puncture sealant or gel is installed. Keep air lines free from water and oil.
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PCL Mini Straight Drill APT904


The PCL mini air tool range offer the ultimate flexibility for the operator allowing access to very confined areas, often unreachable by conventional air tools and even standard hand tools.

Small drill, ideal for getting into very tight spaces

- Compact and lightweight design allows maximum operator control and precise drilling, reaming and honing
- Keyed chuck for extra secure bit hold
- High power motor for consistent speed
- Free Speed: 6,000 RPM, Chuck: 1/4¡¨, Weight: 0.43Kg, Sound: 81 dBA
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PCL "AIRFORCE" Tyre Inflation Gauge - 1.8 metre hose & Euro Clip-on Connector: AFG1H08


Calibrated 0 - 170 psi & bars.
The AirForce dial handheld tyre inflator has received rave reviews from users in tyreshops, garages, car dealers and transport depots. Fast and simple to use with guaranteed accuracy, this mechanical unit offers longer life, lower operating costs and excellent shock resistance all within a modern functional design featuring a clear analogue display. Robust but lightweight, the EC-approved AirForce has been developed with ruggedised engineering plastics to withstand high volume, intensive applications, thereby lengthening its operating life.
Key Product Features are: Clear dial display / Modern, lightweight and shock resistant construction / Proven Bourdon Tube with beryllium copper construction for robustness and high shock resistance / Direct valve design increasing inflation and deflation rates / Individually tested and certified / Built in swivel and hanging device.
Accuracy: Exceeds EC Directive 86/217
Reading Accuracy: 0.1bar / 2psi / 10kPa
Max Inlet Pressure: 15bar / 218psi / 1500kPa
Inflation flow: 910l/min @ 13bar supply
Compliance: EC Directive 86/217 and BS EN 12645:1999

Special Offer of only £41.50

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Marvel Air Tool Oil 118ml

5.30 (1 item) 4.45 (2 to 2 items) 4.20 (3 to 3 items) 4.10 (4 or more items)

Keeping your expensive investment in air tools in good working order is common sense.
All air tool manufacturers specify the regular lubrication and greasing of their tools as appropriate (check the tool manual for specific recommendations). Failure to properly lubricate your air tools will result in the build up of gum and deposits that will affect the tool's operation

Marvel Air Tool Oil.

Marvel's unique formulation has a heavy duty corrosion inhibitor to protect your air tool from moisture in the air line. Marvel air tool oil breaks down deposits allowing them to be safely blown out of the exhaust , leaving a lasting coating of oil for lubrication and your air tool in peak condition. The oil is silicone free and protects the o-rings , seals and other parts

Size : 118ml bottle

Price each as below

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Tyre Valve Core Retracting Tool - With Silencer


Designed for the safe installation and removal of tyre valve cores during the deflation of commercial vehicle tyres.

Vastly reduces inflation/deflation time of commercial vehicle tyres by allowing the operator to remove the valve core safely during the process.

Eliminates the risk of serious injuries from "flying" valve cores.

Clear body helps operator to see when core is fully retracted.

Helps reduce worshop noise

Deflating a truck tyre size.

Without silencer - 105 dB(a)

With silencer it was only 75 dB(a)

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WINNTEC Air-Hydraulic Bottle Jack 20 tons - Low Entry


Low Entry model -

A robust, top quality, professional jack. Suitable for air use, this air-hydraulic bottle jack is ideal for on site truck tyre service. Makes vehicle lifting quicker and easier, greatly reducing operator fatique and speeds up the efficiency of any job.

Low Profile Jack with a 20 Ton capacity. This unit includes a welded base to prolong service. Chrome main ram and aluminum air motor guarantee optimum lifetime. Air filter and air regulator connected to hose, included.

Model ref. Y432021

Capacity : 20 tons
Closed height : 146 mm
Hydraulic lift : 67 mm
Screw extension : 49 mm
Maximum height : 262 mm

Weight Only 9.4kg

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Best Sellers:

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The TYRE EQUIPMENT COMPANY - Gonerby Hill Foot, Grantham, NG31 8HE England.
Telephone: +44 (0)1905 821697 Fax: +44 (0)1905 821938 E-mail: sales@tyre-equipment.co.uk


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